Short-term Mission Teams

1Mission teams from across the nation gather to serve for a short time throughout the year. Appalachian Outreach greatly appreciates these teams and all the work they do. Every year, churches gather teams and funds to travel to Jefferson City, Tennessee in order to be the hands and feet of Christ. Members of these teams pay a $325 fee per person. This fee covers housing, food, and materials for the time spent with Appalachian Outreach. Each team works with Appalachian Outreach staff members and receives t-shirts to represent their time served each year.
Summer mission teams can serve in Home Repair, Kid’s Club, the Ministry Center, or with the Samaritan House Family Ministries. Home Repair teams work with a homeowner for four days to complete necessary repairs. At the end of each job, the teams present their homeowner with a Bible signed by the team. Teams working at the Ministry Center work to separate and organize donations, aid families and individuals come in for help, and restock and organize the Food Pantry. Additional services at the Ministry Center include the furniture ministry, chopping firewood, and recycling books, cardboard, and other recyclable materials. The Kid’s Club is also part of the agenda for short term mission teams.


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“Working with Appalachian Outreach has given me a better understanding on how to treat people. I have worked with many different groups since I started this summer program. This last week I had the privilege of working with Charlotte Christian Academy. When first hearing about the academy I was worried that they would be very immature and unhelpful. After working with them for about an hour my whole thought process changed. Seeing this group of young kids care so much about helping others made me rethink how I was working. The put forth 110% all the time every time. I absolutely loved getting to work with them and see how much they love on people all the time. I hope we get more teams like Charlotte Christian Academy, and I hope to help more people through my service.” — Logan Miller, Summer Staff


“I had the distinct pleasure of helping a woman and her three children move out of the Samaritan House and into their new apartment. I was part of the 4-man crew who loaded up her new furniture –beds, coffee table, end table, chair, sofa, TV stand, TV, lamps, etc.- and drove it over to her apartment. We also unloaded it and arranged it as she wished. Because of the items from Americans Helping Americans, we were able to give her everyday needed items such as detergent and hygiene items. It was awesome to see her and her kids get settled into their new home.”– Jake Starbuck, Summer Staff


“Last week I had the privilege of working with the Smith family. Frank seemed like a hard working man with a hint of intimidation, but I learned that he was as nice as can be when we started talking. One of the days, Miss Cookie (a woman with the Temple Baptist Church team) gave Frank a haircut. It was amazing to hear his story as Cookie trimmed his face until nothing was left but stubble. By the end of it, he looked like a completely new man. His beard had not been cut since 1996 when he had to attend a funeral. Seeing him now helped some of the team members to relax around him so they began to talk more and learn his story as well.” — Sarah Wilson, Summer Staff