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A major part of the Appalachian Outreach summer program is the Home Repair ministry. For 10 weeks during the summer, teams assemble from all over the United States to serve families living in sub standard conditions here in East Tennessee. Almost 80% of the teams and churches that come to serve each year come back year after year.

These volunteer teams provide free labor allowing Appalachian Outreach to focus on providing materials, housing, and food for the week. Along with short term mission teams, local volunteers are needed to assist with home assessments, delivering materials to the job site, leading volunteer teams, and organizing building materials.

6 croppedAnother aspect that home repair teams face is the opportunity for members to sit down and talk with the family. This provides a way for the team to learn about their stories as well as minister to their spiritual needs. At the conclusion of the work week, the teams present the homeowner with a Bible. Teams often personalize the Bible by signing it, in addition, some teams may present a card and photo of the team along with the Bible.

If the volunteer team would like to go beyond the essential repairs in the home, additional items may be purchased from their own personal funds. Teams often like to personalize their work-site by purchasing flowers or curtains to brighten up the home. These team touches strengthen their bond with the homeowner and further spread the love of Christ.

110On average, Appalachian Outreach serves 25 families per year through the Home Repair program. Families are referred by social service agencies, home health care, churches, or the individuals themselves. Appalachian Outreach focuses on low income families in the East Tennessee area.

Home repair approval is awarded to those whose occupants cannot bring the home up to acceptable living conditions by themselves. Repairs may include painting, roofing, carpentry construction on floors, walls or ceilings, plumbing, electrical wiring, or the construction of ramps, decks, or landings. Materials and supplies are provided by Appalachian Outreach through various donations, but the majority of funds are provided by fees paid by participants.

For Families to qualify for consideration with the Home Repair program, the Application Requirements are:

  • Must own their own home or have a Traditional mortgage.

  • No rent to own, lease to own, or land contracts.

  • Must have lived in the home for three years.

  • Up to date on mortgage and taxes.

  • Proof of income to indicate sustainability.

  • Proof of ownership for all vehicles.

  • Must stay in the home 5 years after a acceptance and repairs are complete

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Home Repair Application

 The Home Repair Coordinator, Charles Wilt can be reached at:

Phone:  865-475-5611 – Email: homerepair@aoministry.org